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You Could Be Fined Up To $3,500 For Arguing In Your Own Home In Canada

YOU could be committing a crime and see yourself slapped with a hefty fine simply by arguing in your own home due to strict council rules.

The rules can be given to anyone above the age of 16.

If you do anything which is deemed to be disruptive to your neighbours, such as arguing or crying loudly, your local council could slap you with a notice which bans you from continuing.

It said that the noises should not be “capable of being heard outside of any property that x [the neighbour] may reside at any time of the day and night”.

The council added that it hasn’t had any reports of the notice being breached, and said last year that it hasn’t issued any fines so far.

Yet if individuals fail to comply this new law in Canada, they face a fine up to $3,500 .

Meanwhile, businesses can be fined up to a whopping $20,000.

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