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You Can Now Be Fined $1500 For Biking Too Fast In Canada

We’ve heard of some pretty over the top enforcements, but this one is the latest. Canadian Police will now fine bikers $1500 for speeding on pathwayson. Since finding out about this new rule, the Internet is doing what it does best and roasting the city officials and the new regulation. 

According to CBC , the Police pathway patrol is currently underway. This year, bylaw officers are cracking down on sidewalk speeders by implementing new and heavy fines. 

Previously, people going more than 10 km/h over the posted speed on pathways were fined $50. Now, speeders can expect to pay a whopping $1500 fine! 

The police isn’t just looking for people going well above the speed limit. If you are caught speeding but under 10 km/h over the posted limit, you can still be fined $550. 

If you were hoping to avoid a fine, that may prove difficult because according to CBC, six uniformed officers will be out seven days a week! They will be keeping an eye out for everything including speeding, out of control pets, and people drinking in the parks.

Sgt. Fausto Ricioppo, members of the city’s community standard division, spoke with CBC and stated that no tickets have been issued yet. Written and verbal warnings have been given, however, as the city is taking an education-first approach. 

A large majority of people are commenting about how the officers could even enforce this. One Reddit user even asked if he would be pushed off the bike in order to be stopped and fined.

While no tickets have been issued yet, the threat of the $1500 fine is still out there Starting today . 

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