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You Can Get Fined $1,500 If You Play Music Too Loud While Driving In Canada

Do you love to blast your music at high volume on downtown drives? 
Are you driving a car without a muffler, have you modified your car to make it louder, or do you love to rev your motorbike in the downtown streets?

Well, it might be time to rethink that approach, as Canadian Police will target noisy drivers across all provinces in Canada: Ontario, Prince Edward Island,Newfoundland and Labrador,Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia,Manitoba,Nunavut,Northwest. 

According to CityNews, tickets for noise offences will range from $1100 to $1550, so the cost of blasting tunes excessively with the windows down is fairly steep. The crackdown comes ahead of a new bylaw which will begin on Aprill 1, 2020.

release from Police stated: “Loud and excessive noise can be characterized as noise that is a nuisance to the general public, taking into consideration the nature, location, time and proximity of the source to residents and members of the public.

“Examples may include a loud auto stereo or car, truck or motorcycle exhaust emitting sound to the extent it disturbs patrons at a restaurant, nearby residents or other motorists on the roadway.”

As for what will be considered an offence going forward, Global News reports that Police Supt. Scott Baptist advised drivers that they could be charged with having an improper muffler and for making unnecessary noise.

One caveat to note is that noise from construction work related to essential infrastructure will not be covered in the new bylaw.

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