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You Can Be Fined $1,500 In Canada If Your Passengers In The Back Seat Is Not Wearing Seatbelt

We’ve heard it many times before, buckle up when you’re in a car, even in the back seat.

However, not everyone seems to take this seriously and now in 2020, if you’re still stubborn enough to not follow the law, it’ll cost you $1,500.

Such measures are more than necessary now in provinces like British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Starting next week it is mandatory for passengers in the backseat to use their seatbelts in Canada .

“While the law for use of rear seat belts in cars has been in place since 2009, enforcement has been erratic,” . “This will change by 2020, and the government is serious about it from the standpoint of safety.”

Backseat passengers who are caught without their seat belts on could face a fine of $1,500.

So remember drivers and passengers, buckle up or it’ll cost you! Share this with all your loved ones.

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