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Tim Hortons Unveils New Double Double Coffee Bars And Bottled Iced Capps

Tim Hortons announces the Double Double Coffee Bar, Iced Capps and Iced Coffee in ready-to-drink bottles.

High up on the list of Worst Things Ever is walking to work with a cup of coffee and spilling it all over the place on your stroll.

Soon enough, thanks to Tim Hortons, that’ll be a problem of the past.

The Canadian institution just released a Double Double Coffee Bar, so you’ll be able to put your morning bean juice in your pocket. This gives “to-go” a whole new meaning.

The new breakfast/snack/solid drink is similar in size to a chocolate bar, has a smooth and silky texture with an espresso bean finish, but contains no actual chocolate. It’s chock-full of caffeine, making it a super easy way to up your energy.

The bar is Tim Hortons’  second attempt at an “edible treat that satisfies Canadians’ Timmies coffee cravings”. “With Canadians increasingly finding themselves on-the-go, we developed this innovative treat so they can easily take their Double Double™ with them,” says Tim Hortons President Alex Macedo.

The Tim Hortons ready-to-drink bottled coffee includes the Iced Capp and Iced Coffee. Take a look at all three products coming to Canada over the next two months:

Via Tim Hortons | Newswire

Via Tim Hortons | Newswire

Via Tim Hortons | Newswire

Here are the full descriptions of each new coffee beverage:

  • Instant coffee: Ready to drink anywhere, Tim Hortons new rich, smooth and delicious instant coffee is made with Tim Hortons own blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans that deliver a well-balanced, crisp flavour and smooth finish. Flavours include Medium, Decaf and Light Roast.
  • Iced Coffee: Ready-to-drink editions of Tim Hortons refreshing, premium blend iced coffees available in the Double Double™ and Regular flavours.
  • Iced Capps: An exciting relaunch of three of Canada’s favourite cool and creamy ready-to-drink Iced Capp® flavours, including Original, Vanilla and Mocha.

Tim Hortons, we’ve got to hand it to you. You never fail to keep us on our toes.


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