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This beach in Canada was so packed this weekend it was like there’s no pandemic going on

Scenes from a beach in Alberta have people shocked and worried after thousands flocked to Sylvan Lake over the weekend and gathered in huge crowds to enjoy a day by the water.

The popular beach was packed over the weekend with people coming from different parts of the province, including Red Deer, Calgary and Edmonton.

Images from Sylvan show densely packed crowds surrounding the lakefront and apparently not practising social distancing.

A local resident told CBC News that it felt like people had “forgotten that we’re all still vulnerable.”

Public health and government officials spoke out about the crowds, imploring Albertans to continue practising caution and vigilance against the virus.

Recently, the town announced  it would be deactivating its Emergency Coordination Centre and returning to mostly normal administrative operations.

But one infectious disease expert told CBC that, while there’s a level of “COVID fatigue” at play where people are losing track of health regulations, the risk of gathering in huge crowds like the one at Sylvan Lake is still “quite high.” 

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