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There’s so much demand for flour in Canada right now Robin Hood had to change their packaging

Robin Hood’s flour is getting a major makeover, and it’s even more shocking than some of the quarantine haircuts that are circulating online.

The company’s iconic yellow bag has been replaced by a simple, monochrome packaging.

“To keep up with the surge in demand, we are temporarily packaging some of our flour in white or brown bags for our consumers in Western Canada,” the company said.

However, Robin Hood says the measure is temporary.

“Don’t worry though, the flour in these bags is the same Robin Hood flour you know and love,” the company said. “Our signature yellow bag will be back soon. Happy baking!”

Interestingly, some Canadians are actually enjoying the pared-down packaging.

And others are even pointing out that the limited edition bag could make for a good keepsake.

With every Canadian making it a personal mission to become a sourdough connoisseur during quarantine, Robin Hood has certainly been busy lately.

A recent study by Statistics Canada found that flour sales increased by 179 per cent in March. And judging by Robin Hood’s latest decision, it seems the demand for flour is still going strong.

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