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The weather forecast is calling for snow in parts of the country on Canada Day

It may be almost July 1, but that doesn’t mean that Canadians can put snowfall behind them just yet.

In fact, snow is on the way to parts of Western Canada just in time for Canada Day.

People living in the higher terrain of B.C. and the Alberta Rockies will see unusually cold temperatures this week, with snowfall expected on Wednesday evening and into Thursday morning, according to The Weather Network.

While it might seem strange for parts of the country to still be experiencing snow at this time of year,  The Weather Network points out that July snow is not unheard of in Western Canada.

Back in July 1918, a considerable blizzard left Banff with a fall measuring 7.6 cm.

While not everyone in Canada will be able to put the barbecue on this July 1, Ontarians will certainly be feeling the burn!

The province has been experiencing a weather anomaly this week, making it the hottest part of the country.

Some communities have seen average seasonal temperatures almost double, with daily highs reaching up to 34 C.

A true tale of two cities, eh?

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