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The Niagara Falls zip line is back all summer long (PHOTOS)


That title you just read is real.

And it is terrifying amazing.

WildPlay Element Parks has set up not one, but four lengthy ziplines across Niagara freakin’ Falls.

So this summer you’ll be able to rip across the wide river gorge at a stunning 67 metres (220 feet), catching a never-before-seen view of the American and Canadian falls upstream with an exhilarating adrenaline rush sure to make the Maid of the Mist feel like a quiet ride in a kiddie pool.

Cruising at 70 plus km/h along the edge of the vast Niagara river gorge all the way to the observation landing is the best way to feel like a part of the force of nature.

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🤘Ziplining with bro @amubarak07 over Niagara Falls🏞

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Play more. Fear less.

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If that’s not enough, WildPlay is also offering a nighttime zip line option, that’ll have you zooming bewildered in the dark above the colourfully illuminated falls and closer than you can imagine to the Niagara Falls’ nightly firework displays.

The ride lasts roughly a whopping 35-seconds (definitely long enough for you to stain your favourite shorts) between Niagara Parks Grand View Marketplace and the Ontario Power Company building at the base of Horseshoe Falls.

The zip line runs from now until October so you have plenty of time to enjoy this exhilarating experience for yourself ($59.99 a person for the daytime option and $69.99 for the nighttime option).

Just don’t drop your iPhone in the whirlpool as you try to capture the perfect Insta pic.


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