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The Government Of Canada Is Raising the Price Of Beer This Spring

Not the beer, anything but the beer!

Canadian government is increasing the price of cigarettes across the country. The public reaction ranged from smokers’ furious anger to anti-cigarette campaigners celebrating the news.

Today, we’ve learned that one of the cigarette’s best friends, beer, is also becoming more expensive. 

On April 1, as every year, the minimum price of beer will be indexed to inflation and all retailers must comply with it by making sure not to sell their beer cheaper than this basic price.

Yep, you read that right. The government is raising the price of beer, per litre, by almost $4.50. Now, there’s a lot of complicated math involved, so before you start protesting and occupying your local dep, keep reading.

The government of Canada is raising the price of beer per litre by almost $2.00 in some cases. This doesn’t mean your beer is going to be that much more expensive, though! .

Think about it, though! You don’t buy beer by the litre, right? So let’s think of it in terms of a two-four.

Rising prices likely contribute to why people in Canada are drinking less, according to Beer Canada.

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