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The #frozenpantschallenge is the polar vortex’s gift to the internet (VIDEO)

Yesterday we shared the most mind boggling photos from the polar vortex, a collection of stunning photography that basically shows the Midwest USA being frozen over with ice.

Amidst the difficulties that resulted from this deep freeze, there was some fun that came out of it as well, and you can bet that the social media world had some tricks up its sleeve pant legs.

Many posts showcased inanimate objects that froze in the record-breaking temperatures, such as noodles mid-serve or bubbles mid-float.

People quickly discovered that if you soak your clothes in water and set them outside, they will become frozen solid. And because you can always count on social media to come out with a new ridiculous viral trend, the #frozenpantschallenge was born.

Take a look at this trend in all its (slightly creepy) glory through the posts below.

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