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The Canada-U.S. border will remain closed until next summer

The border between Canada and the U.S. will remain closed until summer 2021, according to predictions from some experts. 

Border restrictions were first introduced on March 21, as the number of COVID-19 cases in both countries began rapidly increasing.

While closures are currently in place until Aug. 21, some have suggested that reopening might be pushed back a lot further than that.

“As long as Canadians don’t feel safe, then why force open that border when there’s no strong political logic to doing it?” said economist Moshe Lander, a professor at Concordia University in Montreal, speaking to CBC News.

Predicting that the closures could stay in place until mid to late 2021, Lander insisted that it would be “political suicide” for the Canadian government to consider reopening the border right now. 

The comments come amid strong public opinion that the border should remain closed until the U.S. brings their numbers further under control. 

Meanwhile, multiple Americans have been caught exploiting a loophole that allows people from south of the border to enter Canada if they claim to be en route to Alaska.

Canada has started cracking down on the issue, with the introduction of a number of strict rules in recent weeks. 

As of July 31, the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) will require all in-transit foreign nationals to enter the country via one of five specified ports of entry:

  • Abbotsford-Huntingdon (British Columbia)
  • Coutts (Alberta)
  • Kingsgate (British Columbia)
  • North Portal (Saskatchewan)
  • Osoyoos (British Columbia)

Americans will also be required to avoid “all national parks, leisure sites and tourism activities,” and to check in with a border agent before leaving Canada once more.

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