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Ryan Reynolds says Vancouver is awesome after woman is reunited with missing bear

A Vancouver woman has been reunited with her missing teddy bear thanks to some heroic work by Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds. 

Mara Soriano took to Twitter to share the joyful news on Wednesday. 

The bear, which was stolen during a recent move in Vancouver, was outfitted with a device that plays the voice of Soriano’s mother who died due to cancer last June. 

When the bear is squeezed, the recording says, “I love you I’m proud of you, I’ll always be with you.”

Soriano said that she “hugged it every time” she missed her mom.

Touched by the story, Reynolds offered a big reward to anybody who could return the bear safely.

It turns out that the toy was actually being kept safe by a good citizen.

The actor took to Twitter to thank everyone who “searched high and low” for the bear.

“Vancouver is awesome,” he added. 

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