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Ryan Reynolds is giving away $5k to anyone that can locate a stolen teddy bear

Not all heroes wear capes — some wear Deadpool outfits. Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds is proving once again that he’s an off-screen hero, too, by offering up a $5,000 reward for a stolen teddy bear.

Some background context is probably needed.

The teddy bear contains Mara Soriano‘s final memories of her late mother hidden inside of it. According to Soriano’s Reddit post, her mother recorded the message before she passed away from cancer.

The bear says “I love you, I’m proud of you, I’ll always be with you.”

On Saturday, Reynolds announced that he’d give thousands to anyone that can find and return the teddy bear to its rightful owner.

According to Soriano’s Reddit post, the thief also stole her “passports, SIN cards, my citizenship card, a Blank Chequebook, an iPad Pro and a Nintendo Switch.”

But it’s the teddy bear that Soriano wants back most of all.

“I’m at a complete loss for words,” she wrote in response to Ryan Reynolds’ offer. “Thank you so much Vancouver for rallying to help me find this bear.”

Other Hollywood figures have also joined Reynolds in offering a hefty reward for the stolen teddy bear, including actor PJ Byrne, actor Miguel A Nunez Jr, and director Rawson Thurber.

Vancouver Police have also confirmed that they’re actively searching for the missing teddy bear.

“Have you seen this bear?” the police force tweeted on July 25. “It was stolen from a backpack yesterday in the West End and it has sentimental value to the owner.”

Fingers crossed that the teddy bear is safely returned soon.

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