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Parts Of Ontario Will See Temperatures Climb To Nearly 20°C This Week

Southwestern Ontario is in for nearly 20°C temperatures on Thursday.

It’s been a long, brutal winter in Ontario, but the end is finally near. According to current predictions, parts of the province may get a jumpstart on spring this week. The Weather Networkrevealed Wednesday morning that the significant mid-March warmup we have been waiting for will finally take hold this week. Southern Ontario will bask in mostly sunny skies and a pleasant 9°C high on Friday. Friday’s high in southwestern Ontario may climb to nearly 20°C.

According to The Weather Network, Ontario’s in for surging temperatures in the second half of this week. If all goes well, southwestern Ontario is looking at their first 20°C day of 2019, The Weather Network reports. But, this all depends on how quickly the next cold front moves in, and if it holds off long enough to allow the milder temperatures to linger.

Windsor, Ontario for example, is looking at a 17°C high on Thursday, combined with heavy rainfall. Toronto, on the other hand, won’t be as lucky. But, I’m sure most of us will take 9°C over an extreme cold weather alert.

Take a look at the temperatures that Ontario can expect for Thursday, according to The Weather Network:

Via The Weather Network

Sadly, but unsurprisingly, Toronto is in for another temperature drop by the weekend. Saturday’s high will hover at 1°C, feeling like -5°C. But, the positive digit weather will hold strong into next week. Here’s what the next seven days look like in the city:

Via The Weather Network | Toronto

Slowly but surely, spring will make itslong-awaited arrival in Ontario.

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