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Ottawa’s Giant Snowflakes Are So Huge They Look Like They’re From Whoville (VIDEOS)

It was a very white-sight outside for Ottawans this morning, as one of the city’s biggest snowstorms of the year covered the capital. With up to 40 cm expected in some areas by this evening, locals are already taking to social media to share photos and videos of the whiteout. In particular, Ottawa’s huge snowflakes seemed to get a lot of attention. You’d be forgiven for thinking it was Whoville!

While Ottawa’s snowmageddon has already caused travel chaos and school bus cancellations across the region, the city’s huge snowflakes were the talk of the town on Thursday morning.

Although snowy scenes are not unusual in the capital, these snowflakes were so big and fluffy that they looked like something from a Christmas movie.

While Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson urged locals to stay at home wherever possible,many people were out and about capturing photos and videos of the remarkably large snowdrops.

Sadly, the huge puffs didn’t stick around for too long, and they had returned to ordinary-sized floaties by around 8:30 a.m. 

That said, this was more than enough time for residents to capture footage of the floating snow puffs, and honestly, the pictures don’t even do their size justice!

Earlier this week, Environment Canada issued a winter storm warning for several areas of eastern Ontario, including the capital city.

Locals were told to anticipate up to 40 cm of snow during the blizzards, with conditions expected to make it one of the worst of the year so far.

While the weather has not disappointed so far, it’s the enormous snowflakes that have really surprised residents. One Twitter user wrote, “Snowflakes? More like snowballs … amirite?!”

Winter Wonderland

Admittedly, this kind of heavy snowfall is not convenient for the city’s commuters and travellers. That said, it does look pretty.

Total Whiteout

It’s so fluffy and puffy that it almost looks like falling cotton candy.

Life In A Snowglobe

With the slush-covered trees and this dreamy fluffy snow, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was Christmas time again!


These snow-motion videos really show how huge the flakes were on Thursday morning. They almost don’t seem real.

Snowly But Surely

It won’t take long for 40 cm of snow to be on the ground when the snowflakes look like this.

Flying Snowballs

You could probably have a snowball fight with these bad boys!

As the blizzard continues across the city, drive safely and always follow local weather advisories.

Stay safe, Whoville!

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