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Ontario man gets $1,130 fine for refusing to quarantine after returning from Florida

An Ontario man has been slapped with a $1,130 fine for failing to observe the proper quarantine protocols after returning from Florida, according to the Chatham-Kent Police Service.

Police say that they received information over the weekend that a man had returned from the United States and was failing to comply with the mandatory 14-day self-isolation order.

The 41-year-old Chatham man potentially exposed “not only his family and friends, but several members of our community,” according to the statement from police.

On Monday evening, police charged the man with failing to comply with an order and issued a $1,130 fine.

Chief Gary Conn condemned the Chatham man’s behaviour and asked all Canadians to isolate in future.

“It is certainly unfortunate and disheartening that anyone would place themselves and more importantly others at risk by not following the simple direction provided to them in respect to self-quarantine,” he said.

“In order for us to mitigate this pandemic, a collaborative approach is going to be required by all of us and I would please request that everyone does their part to ensure this occurs.”

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