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Ontario confirms 50 new coronavirus cases in the largest single day jump

The Province of Ontario confirmed 50 new cases of COVID-19, which is the largest single jump in one day, bringing the total up to 308 cases as of Friday morning.

Five have been resolved, and two are deceased. There are also currently 5,485 cases under investigation.

According to the provincial update, two new cases are in Toronto.

Other new cases have been located in: Ottawa; Eastern Ontario; Halton; Peel; Hamilton; Peterborough’ Hasting Prince Edward; Waterloo; Durham; York; and pending locations.

All of the patients are currently in self-isolation.

Both cases in Toronto contracted the virus through “close contact.” Both patients are female, one is in her 50s and the other is in her 40s.

Seven other cases throughout the province also contracted the disease through close contact.

Other patients had recent travel to the Caribbean, Portugal, Bahamas, and the USA.

Two patients in Peterborough contracted the virus from a recent cruise ship vacation, while three others got is specifically from a Caribbean cruise ship.

The rest of the cases are pending.

On Thursday afternoon, the City of Toronto announced 128 confirmed coronavirus caseswith 11 individuals currently hospitalized.

The second coronavirus-related death was also confirmed on Thursday.

There have now been 10 COVID-19-related deaths in Canada.

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