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Niagara Falls is once again a frozen winter wonderland (PHOTOS)

While all of southern Ontario is under an extreme cold weather warning, the effects have resulted in some pretty incredible photo opportunities.

Especially at Niagara Falls, which currently looks like a frozen winter wonderland.

As of this morningit felt like -25°C in Niagara with the windchill, which has helped transform Niagara Falls into a winter spectacle.

Despite the freezing temperatures, there has been a steady flow of intrepid visitors eager to check out the incredible sight, who apparently appear to be unfazed by the cold.

Many of the visitors took to social media to share their photos of the winter scene, which includes vast sections of the Canadian side of Niagara Falls appearing almost frozen in time.

In case you don’t feel like trekking out into the cold but want to see what all the fuss is about, check out these incredible photos of the icy Niagara Falls below.

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2nd attempt at chasing waterfalls

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Dr. Zhivago visits the falls!

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A balmy -20° with windchill. @theweeknd #icantfeelmyfaceeither

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The second iciest thing I’ve seen in my life

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🥶 #falls#ontario #winter#niagarafalls

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-15C. and Niagara roars on!

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Today is Wallpaper Wednesday!!! Check my story in a little bit to screenshot some frigid photos and brighten up your home screen! . I am so happy to share today’s collection with everyone. I went on a frozen adventure with @thebriefmomentproject to the magical land of Ontario at 5:30am to get this image. . When I woke up I checked the weather. The ambient temperature was 14 degrees Fahrenheit and the forecast was “cloudy.” Hardly the best conditions for a morning of sunrise landscape photography. But in pursuit of a great image to share this week we went any way. . When we got to the Falls, the spot I wanted to use was completely clouded with frigid, very wet mist – making the spot I had planned to shoot impossible. On top of that the clouds were so thick that there was zero chance of the sun peaking through. . Did we give up? No. . Walter and I stiffly walked down the gorge towards the bridge and out of the mist and patiently waited for any hint of a sunrise. And then we saw it. A slight orange-pink glow on the horizon. It lasted for all of 5 minutes, but it was just enough to produce this image (with a little bit of computer magic). . Don’t give up. Never give up. This isn’t the composition I had hoped for that morning, but it is one I would never had gotten under ideal sunrise conditions next to the mighty horseshoe falls. Landscape photography takes an incredible amount of patience, planning, and technical skill. So why do I work so hard to make free wallpapers? I am also publishing a story on my website today explaining exactly that! . I hope you enjoy the work we put in this week! . . #sonyalpha #niagara #niagarafalls #niagarafallscanada #niagarafallssunrise #sunrise #niagarariver #niagarafallsny #buffalonewyork #explorebuffalo #buffaloproud #buffalony #onebuffalo #promotebuffalo #scenicny #buffalo #buffalophotography #buffalophotographer #eastcoastcreatives #eastcoastcollective #buffalolove #716 #featuremeigersbuffalo #imsobuffalo #risebflo #bloggersbuff #buffalobloggers #wnyphotographer #buffalove

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