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New Poll Shows Trudeau Will Likely Lose To Conservatives In Upcoming Election


With all the drama of the SNC-Lavalin scandal, it’s not actually surprising that more and more Canadians are looking outside the Liberal Party for future federal governance. 

And in a recent national poll done by Campaign Research, 43% believe the Liberal government has done a bad job of dealing with the aftermath and are now leaning towards the Conservatives for leadership. See a breakdown of the numbers in the tweet below. 

We are in an election year, so when approval ratings jump around as they have been, it’s worth taking notice, as it could indicate how the country is going to vote when presented with a ballot.

And if the election were to happen tomorrow, it looks like we would end up with a Conservative minority… which could mean someone Andrew Scheer as Prime Minister.

I mention Scheer because of the support he has across the Prairies, which is where most of the Conservative support is seen in this most recent poll.

Via Campaign Research

According to Campaign Research, the divide in support between the Liberals and the Conservatives is seemingly along geographic lines, with Atlantic Canada and Quebec continuing to maintain confidence in the Liberals.

However, everything west of La Belle Province, including Ontario and B.C, is presenting increased confidence in the Conservatives. Andrew Scheer, in particular, is showing an increased approval rating up 3% to 19% this month.

Even more interesting is that Jody Wilson-Raybould continues to hold the highest approval rating when compared to the three main party leaders, Trudeau, Scheer and Singh. 

Where Trudeau may have held a 41% approval rating in November, he’s now sitting at a 31%. Wilson-Raybould, in comparison, holds a 45% approval rating with Canadians, who appreciate the job she is doing “as a member of parliament and former attorney general.”

These numbers are,  of course, based off of those respondents who were decided in their voting intentions. 


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