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Montreal Broke Two Snowfall Records Today

This is the most it has snowed in 26 years

Montreal woke up to over 35 cm of snow today, and thick snowflakes are still falling down. Environment Canada has been warning people to be careful on the roads today, and to stay home when they can.

This snow doesn’t just look impressive, it has in fact broken a 26-year old record for the most snowfall on this day. Not to mention that this is the second day in a row with more than 17 cm. of snowfall, which has not happened since 2001.

Montreal weather record account YUL_Weather, run by a weather historian, tweeted this out yesterday.

These predictions came true! It’s already snowed 37 c.m. in Montreal, and much more is predicted. The last time it snowed this much on this day in Montreal was in 1993, when 32 c.m. of snow fell in one day.

The snow really is wild.

We’re all going to be training arms today.

This is not, however, the only record Montreal broke today. We also tied for most consecutive days with 17 c.m. or more of snow, with two days in a row of heavy snow. The last time this happened was in March 2001.

How will you spend the day? Do you have to go into work or are you one of the lucky ones who get to work from home?


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