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Italy Wants To Pay Canadians To Move There ASAP

Drop everything and live your dream.

Hey, ever dream of legit dropping everything and starting over in some remote and beautiful European town?


Well, friend, that dream might just be a reality for you in the very near future.

The mayor of Bormida, a small village in North-West Italy, is hoping to be able to offer €4,000 to anyone who buys or rents property in the town, according to The Guardian.

PS, that’s almost $5,000 CAD with the current conversion rate.

To even further sweeten the deal (which, I mean, you’d get paid to move to Italy… does it get any sweeter than that?), Mayor Daniele Galliano is proposing a lowered rent system.

Rental properties will go for €50 – €120 a month, so basically you could pretty much pay off two years of rent with your €4,000 incentive and still have some left over.

The plan has been approved.

The reduced rent plan, meanwhile, is meant to begin within the next two months. Which I feel bodes pretty well for the €4,000 incentive, TBH.

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