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It feels almost 40°C warmer in Vancouver than Toronto right now (PHOTOS)

There’s a reason why Torontonians laugh at Vancouverites when they complain about the cold weather.

While we woke up to a chilling -14°C this morning, Vancouver was greeted with a mild 6°C with sunshine on the forecast for the afternoon.

And according to Environment Canada, the prolonged period of very cold wind chills expected to reach Toronto today will result in wind chill values that will reach somewhere between -30°C and -35°C.

Now let this sink in, that’s nearly a 40°C difference than Vancouver.

Currently in Vancouver, the sun is shining, there are flowers blooming, and what may be most mind-blowing to everyone in Toronto, people are even rowing outdoors.

Sure, some might still be carrying around umbrellas just in case it rains, but at least they aren’t rocking a parka and snow boots while trudging through sidewalks covered in snow.

If you’re over Toronto’s deep freeze, check out how warm it looks in Vancouver right now. And believe us, it’ll make you want to book a flight out west ASAP.

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