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Health Canada Is Recalling Multiple Brands Of Bread Due To Pieces Of Glass

Health Canada announced earlier this week that they are recalling dozens of bread brands due to pieces of glass. The hazard was identified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) on February 26th, 2020. The brands included in the recall are Dempster’s, Villaggio, Ben’s Xtra Soft, Sobey’s Compliments brand and Walmart’s Great Value brand, among others. It has been classified as a Class 2 hazard.

Health Canada has identified the recall in these provinces:: Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and New Brunswick.

A representative from Bimbo Canada tells Narcity, “the recall impacts only sliced bread sold in: : Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and New Brunswick.  The affected products are loaves of sliced bread with Best Before dates of Feb. 26.  All of the bread have to be removed from store shelves. No other products are affected by this recall.”

“Our inspection showed us that a light bulb was broken in the production area of the bakery and it was possible that fragments of glass from the light bulb may have contaminated the product hence why we initiated the voluntary recall and removed all the product from stores on Dec 27,” says the representative.

“Consumers are our first priority and we have taken all necessary steps to mitigate any potential risk and to eliminate further occurrences.  We halted production at our St. John’s facility and resolved the issue immediately.  We have also reviewed Good Manufacturing Practices with all our associates at dedicated meetings.”

The following brands of bread have been included on the list of recalled products released by Health Canada on February 26th. 

Via Health Canada

Earlier this month, Health Canada also recalled over 100,000 plastic dolls sold by Dollarama across the country. It was Dollarama’s first major product recall of 2020, but their third one in the last 12 months. All three recalls were due to high levels of phthalates in the toys, which could be harmful to children.

According to the recall notice, the chemical can cause “reproductive and developmental abnormalities in young children when soft vinyl products containing phthalates are sucked or chewed for extended periods.”

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