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Extreme -50°C Weather Is Coming To These Canadian Provinces

Dangerously cold.

The weather in Canada is a little bit crazy at the moment, and depending on where you live you’re either about to enjoy a nice warm winter thaw while other parts of the country are under an extreme cold warning. 

These warnings are issued when the temperatures are so cold that people are at risk of frost bite and hypothermia. Environment Canada is even issuing a list of symptoms people may be experiencing due to the extreme cold which includes: shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle pain and weakness, numbness and colour change in fingers and toes.

In QuebecSouthern OntarioNova ScotiaP.E.I., and New Brunswickthe temperatures are actually hovering near 0°C  and although there is a risk of freezing rain in many areas, it’s really not that bad when you consider what the rest of Canada has in store. 


Wind chills are currently between -40 and -50 in the northern half of the province and closer to -40 in the south. 

British Columbia

The cold temperatures and winds will combine to produce wind chill values near -40 in some areas.


Northerly winds combined with cold temperatures continue to give extreme wind chills of -45 to -50 to the northernmost regions of Manitoba.

Newfoundland And Labrador

This seems to be only province in Canada experiencing normal winter temperatures right now.

Ontario North

Wind chill values near -45 are occurring this morning and are expected to redevelop tonight.


Wind chill values between -45 and -50 are expected to continue this morning. These extreme wind chill values will persist through the week during overnight hours while moderating in the afternoons.

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