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Canda Will Be Hit With Biggest Snowstorm Of The Year, Tomorrow

Avoid travel if possible.

Winter has been tough in Canada so far this year. The constant thaw has wrecked the streets, the temperature has been absolutely horrible, and everywhere you look there are giant chunks of dirty ice lining the sidewalks. 

Environment Canada has issued an extreme cold weather alert for Kugaaruk, Nunavut,Toronto, Quebec,Ontario, Winnipeg, Prairie, Montreal, Calgary, Manitoba,Vancouver . People have been advised to stay indoors, especially younger children, older adults, individuals with chronic illnesses and outdoor workers due to high risks of hypothermia and freezing.

Environment Canada has predicted that these days Canada will going to by powerful 60 cm snowstorm this week. 


Some Canadians like to think we are born ready for winter and prepared to face anything it throws at us, but today Ontarians are being warned to avoid all travel during an extreme winter storm. The storm, which is expected to hit all of Southern Ontario today, is forecasted to bring anywhere from 30 to 60cm of snow. 

According to the official warnings from Environment Canada,which are in effect in every single region of Southern Ontario, a Colorado low, will bring a combination of snow, ice pellets, and high gusts of winds. They also warn that the winter conditions are going to be hazardous, especially if you’re driving anywhere. 

This particular combination of winter weather is going to cause major problems on Ontario’s roads today. Aside from the massive accumulations of snow that can make driving difficult, wind gusts of around 70 KM/hour will cause that snow to blow around reducing your visibility by a lot.


Get those shovels ready because if you live anywhere in southern Quebec you’re probably going to need them.

Quebec is expecting a powerful winter storm and quite a bit of snow over the next two days, and when it’s all said and done we’ll have between 35 and 50 cm of snow on the ground. 

If Environment Canada is right and we do get hit 40cm of snow, then it would be the biggest snowstorm of the year. And considering the year we’ve had so far that would be no small feat. 

The biggest snowstorm we’ve had this season was 34cm on December 21st, 2018, but in the next 24 hours (if everything goes wrong) we’ll be getting nearly a foot and a half of snow. 


“It’s the biggest snowstorm of the winter,” retired Environment Canada meteorologist Rob Paola said.

With blanket weather warnings through the weekend, and the impact of road and school closures, this storm may seem like a big deal. But it pales in comparison to the record-setting storm of March 4, 1966, where the city was hit with 38 cm of snow and hammered by 112 km-h winds.

Biggest storm of the year will hit Prairies 

Some snowfall totals

  • Regina, Saskatchewan: 35cm
  • Saskatoon: 20 cm
  • Weyburn: 15-300 cm
  • Prince Albert: 40 cm
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba:30 cm
  • Brandon: 20 cm
  • Dauphin: 15-20 cm
  • Stonewall: 30 cm

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