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Canadians Complaining After Being Woken Up By Amber Alert Issued For 8-Year-Old Alberta Boy

Canadians are complaining about lost sleep again after an Alberta Amber Alert issued for an 8-year-old boy woke them up last night.

A few weeks ago, Ontarians complained about an Amber Alert that woke them up in the middle of the night. That alert was issued for 11-year-old Riya Rajkumar who was tragically found dead the next morning. None the less, people actually called the police to complain about the alert and sound they got on their phones. Now in Alberta, more Canadian are complaining after another Amber Alert woke them up last night. 

This time the Amber Alert was issued for 8-year-old Noah Ducharme of Alberta. The alert was issued around 10 PM, Friday night as Edmonton Police reported the boy had been kidnapped from his school by his mother. They issued the alert because they believed that Noah was in imminent danger. 

Fortunately, this morning it was revealed that Noah and his mother were spotted by an off-duty Calgary police officer in Calgary around 5:30 AM. RCMP ended up arresting his mother in Okotoks, Alberta. They also thanked the members of the public who shared the Amber Alert. 

Not all members of the public were so helpful though. Just like in the case with Riya Rajkumar, people in Alberta took to Twitter to complain that the Amber Alert woke them up last night. 

In response to a tweet about the Amber Alert, Albertans were complaining about their loss of sleep. 

While others didn’t think a child with his mother should be cause for concern, even though it was an abduction. 

Others still also expressed that they didn’t want to be receivingany Amber Alerts at all. 

Edmonton Police have not said whether they received any 911 calls in response to the Amber Alert last night but they thanked everyone who shared the information. 

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