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Canadians Can Be Fined $2000 And Get in Jail For Driving High Starting Next Month

There’s a lot going on around you when you drive. You need to be totally focussed so that if a split-second – and potentially life-saving – decision needs to be made, you’re ready for it.

Drugs affect your ability to react and increase the chance of a crash. Don’t get behind the wheel or get in a car with an impaired driver — it’s just not worth the risk

.Mayors are considering to bring this new tougher laws in every province of Canada, that’s because many people in Canada are driving high.

Fines vary from province to province, but they can be up to $2000 in in provinces like British Columbia and Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Starting next month if  you are caught driving while you are high the police will make you pay a fine $2000.

The Police of Canada also announced on their twitter that they had already issued a $2000 dollar ticket to 5 drivers who were high while driving .

The offense on the ticket was written as “consume cannabis in a motor vehicle on the highway”.

If you are smoking weed before driving, keep in mind that recent study showed that weed can still negatively impact your driving for five hours after consumption.

Every 3 hours a drug-impaired driving incident is recorded in Canada.

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