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Canadians are hanging flags up around the country to show support for each other

Canadians across the country are supporting each other in the most patriotic way possible by hanging the nation’s flag wherever they can.

People all over Canada have dusted off their flag and hung it outside as a show of solidarity for everyone self-isolating in a an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Combined with the #StayAtHome hashtag, Canadians are using the flag as a way of promote social distancing while still feeling connected.

Many are also using it as a way to show support for frontline healthcare workers during the pandemic.

July 1 is still way off but with so many flags up, it’s beginning to look a lot like Canada’s birthday.

Among other gestures of hope and solidarity, people have been cheering for frontline workersfrom their balconies and having concerts from them, too, Niagara Falls lit up with hearts and there’s a caremongering initiative going around.


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