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Canada Will Have Coldest April In More Than 100 Years

April is shaping up to be the coldest month on record in Canada.

Record-breaking cold will hit Eastern Canada, including Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal this April. Environment Canada said more than 20 communities in Ontario will experience extreme cold weather than they had ever recorded in April.

Both Quebec and Ontario will experience unusal freezing temperatures , with Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba reaching temperatures far below normal recorded in April.

British Columbia is the only province expected to see normal temperatures this spring.

Canada’s southern regions may not have it as bad but are still affected to a significant degree. Parts of Manitoba are going to face with coldest temperature as low as -15 C, while northern Ontario and northern Quebec are going to  see temperatures of around -15 C and -20 C, respectively.

Yes, it’s true.It’s almost spring and Canadian spring season is going to absolutely suck.

To give you an example, temperatures are expected to hit the -25 C and -25 C in April 2019.

In contrast, Atlantic Canada is going to have warmer temperatures, with regions like Halifax showing highs of 15 C.

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