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Canada & U.S. Army Planes Are Taking Over Toronto Skies To Prep For ‘Aerospace Threats’

“The defense of North America is our top priority.”

Look to the skies! Military jets will be flying over the city on Thursday as part of the NORAD Toronto training drill. 

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) tweeted that the public may see or hear U.S. and Canadian air force jets in the sky. 

These exercises ensure #NORAD forces remain ready to respond to aerospace threats 24/7 anywhere in #Canada and the #UnitedStates. The defence of North America is our top priority.#WeHaveTheWatch.

The drill will practice response techniques in high-density air as part of their routine air defence training. 

They will be using Royal Canadian Airforce CF18 jets, as well as U.S. Airforce F-16s and KC-135s. 

“The defense of North America is our top priority,” they wrote in a tweet

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