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Canada to contribute to the rebuilding of Notre Dame Cathedral

Exactly one month after the devastating fire at iconic Notre Dame Cathedral, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the site during his trip to Paris to offer support as well as to see the rebuilding efforts firsthand.

Although the most precious artifacts were unharmed, the fire did cause significant damage, including the collapse of the historic spire atop the cathedral.

Trudeau was shown around by France’s Minister of Culture, Franck Riester, who took to his Twitter to thank the Prime Minister, and Canada, for their support.

“A long friendship binds France and Canada. Thank you for @JustinTrudeau coming to greet all those who have worked and who are always working to secure and preserve #NotreDame, one month after the fire,” said Riester.

The PM also posted to his Instagram stories to share footage of the damage and destruction from inside the cathedral, as well as sharing a message of support.

“A somber moment inside the Notre Dame Cathedral. The world came together in disbelief as this piece of history burned – and yet here it stands, as iconic and impressive as ever, ready for us to rebuild it. As friends, allies, and partners, we are there for each other in times of need – and that includes rebuilding the Notre Dame Cathedral. We’re offering Canadian steel and lumber to help preserve this important monument for future generations.”


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