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Canada Is Limiting International Travel To Just Four Airports

Canada will limit international travel to just four airports due to the coronavirus outbreak.

According to CTV News, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will announce that some international flights will be rerouted to Montreal, Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver.

The new policy will ensure that airports accepting international flights have the capacity to properly screen for COVID-19.

Canada has already placed some restrictions on international travel; on Friday, Transport Minister Marc Garneau announced a ban on cruise ships with more than 500 passengers.

Large ships will be prevented from docking in Canada between April 2 to July 1.

Canada is also urging all Canadians abroad to return to the country while they still can.

There are currently 345 cases of coronavirus in Canada. Trudeau will update the nation on COVID-19 measures during his press conference on Monday at 1 p.m. ET.

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