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Canada Will Be Hit This Week With Life-Threatening -65°C Wind Chills in

The colder-than-usual temperatures are expected to last for the rest of the month.

We can finally say that winter is at least halfway over. Only a couple more months of snow, ice, freezing rain ,and unbearable cold before the warm welcome of spring. Shouldn’t be too difficult to handle, right?

Well, according to an Environment Canada official, the entire country is going to feel a lot of misery during the rest of the season.

Environment Canada has predicted that these days Canada will going to hit with Life-Threatening -65°C Wind Chills in. Both Quebec and Ontario will experience unusal freezing temperatures next week , with Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba reaching temperatures far below normal. British Columbia is the only province expected to see normal temperatures this winter.

 Environment Canada official has confirmed the rest of the winter weather across the country is going to be “miserable” with colder-than-usual temperatures in some parts of the country and wet conditions elsewhere.

Some cities, like Saskatoon, are even reaching record breaking cold right now. The city reached -42.6 C on Wednesday, the coldest it has been in over 15 years. 

All time records for freezing temperatures were broken on February 6 in Alberta and British Columbia, as well. Temperatures up to 25 degrees colder than average for the week lingered across the Praries, lasting for weeks on end.

As for Central Canada and the Maritimes, warming temperatures mean at least a another few days of cool, wet, conditions.

The weather has been equally unpredictable in other parts of Ontario, where freezing drizzle will become rain later today and snow by tomorrow. As for the east, Quebec is expecting a wet few days. New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, meanwhile, are preparing for a mizture of hail, snow, and freezing rain.

Environment Canada official confirmed that there’s definitely “misery” across the entire country right now. With no end to the horrible conditions in sight, the hope for an early spring seems farther away than ever.

With the miserable seasonal conditions confirmed to continue for the next month, it’s safe to say this is one of the worst winters in recent memory.

Stay tuned for more news on Canada’s weather advisories. 


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