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A New Nordik Spa Just Outside Of Calgary Will Be The Largest Spa In Canada

More is better! The Quebec based Groupe Nordik is building its fourth wellness spa right here in Alberta, more specifically in the community of Harmony, just outside of Calgary. Harmony, guys. Name a better place for a freaking spa, we’ll wait.

The new spa is expected to take two years to complete and at 10-acres in size, will actually be the largest in all of Canada. We might be biased, but we can only imagine that it will be the most beautiful too.

The spa will take about $45-million to build which sounds crazy expensive, but will ultimately create over 400 full and part-time jobs. It might also attract more visitors than their flagship location in Chelsea, Quebec which would be crazy beneficial. Just to give you an idea, their Chelsea spa sees just over 200,000 visitors from all over the world every single year.

Via Nordik Spa 

We’re thinking it will be well worth the initial price tag, especially considering what it could do for Harmony. The community was completed in 2015 and until now has remained off the radar for the most part. This is actually kind of surprising considering the beautiful mountain views and urban vibe.

“[the Nordik Spa] is a tremendous opportunity for not only the residents of Harmony but the neighbouring region and City as well. There are significant benefits that a Groupe Nordik facility offers; not only from the health and wellness perspective but a focus on business,” said Cary Kienitz, Qualico Communities Associate Director in a press release.

Via Nordik Spa 

The new Nordik will give guests the opportunity to choose their own environment, creating a personalized experience. Spa-goers looking to maximize their relaxation can kick back in their ‘silent zone’ or for a more social visit, can connect in their communal area.

The spa will also have bistros, a lounge and even a Biergarten. Wowza, this already sounds like quite the experience, but we haven’t even gotten to their thermal pool. This lagoon will take up the bulk of the facility, using part of Harmony’s already developed man-made lake. It’s going to be huge.

This Nordik will rival the Nordic in Kananaskis, but we’re pretty sure they’ll be fine!  As long as there’s stress, there’s room in our hearts for both of you.


When: TBD 2022
Where: Harmony, Rocky View County, AB

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