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A black bear just broke into a home in Canada looking for pizza

When those Domino’s pizza cravings strike, anything’s fair game — including breaking into a home, if you’re this black bear that was caught on camera on July 12.

The unbelievable two-minute clip shows the large black bear casually opening a door and strolling into an Ontario residence.

The bear then proceeds to rifle through a number of empty pizza boxes before getting up-close and personal with the surveillance camera that’s recording the event.

When it becomes clear that the bear isn’t going to get his pizza, the animal bats at the door a few times before becoming frustrated and ramming it open.

While the event might seem wild, bears actually have a fantastic nose on them; park rangers say that their sense of smell is seven times better than a bloodhound.

Thankfully, homeowner Sean Atkinson seems to have slept through the entire crazy event.

“Don’t leave garbage out in Canada,” Atkinson warned. “This is entirely my fault, although I’ve never seen a bear open a front door like this before.”

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