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Warning Canada Will Have The Hottest Summer In Human History This Year

Experts say the  temperatures are wrapping up and making way for the years 2019 to 2022 to be abnormally warm.

Before humans released greenhouses gases into the environment the Earth’s climate greatly shifted due to meteor strikes, the formation of life, and changes in atmospheric composition, but never before has it changed so rapidly by human activity. In just over one century climate change has caused seas to disappear, melted trillions of tonnes of polar ice, and nearly flooded entire nations, and the some of the effects of climate change were shielded by natural climate fluctuations that had cooling effects. A new study reveals that the years 2018 to 2022 will likely see unprecedented warming and environmental degradation from climate change because the cool phases of various climate modes are ending and being replaced by their warm phase counterparts.

Recent reports by weather and climate authorities have shown that a gloabl trend toward rising heat is not stopping any time soon. According to The Weather Network, 2019 could be “the hottest year in human history.” Also, a developing El Niño event will only contribute to the fact that 2019 will very likely experience even more unprecedented levels of heat.


That said, recent reports by The Weather Network and National Geographic have shown that a global trend toward rising heat is not stopping any time soon.

According to The Weather Network,2019 could be “the hottest year in human history.”

Some of the hottest annual temperatures on record happened during this period, which is why this new study is alarming – the increased carbon emissions coupled with the warming effects from changes in the Earth’s internal variability will shatter our recent records and will force the world to adapt and mitigate these unparalleled conditions.

Just think about all of the weather-related repercussions of extreme heat we experienced in Canada alone, for example, wildfires, tornados, blazing heat waves, caterpillar infestations, and brutal hail storms.

This applies not just to Canada, but the entire world.



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